Creative Union

Project: Creative Union
Client: Vuzu TV & Coca Cola SA
Director: Makere Thekiso
Executive Producers: Jobie Bakama & Makere Thekiso
Project Type: Reality Series
Episodes: 9

Vuzu television approached us to helm a fresh reality series for their client
Coca-Cola’s Play Energy Drink. The brief was that the show needed to
play out of the ordinary. We stepped up to the challenge and created a 9
episode series that fused the brand’s attributes with a reality twist.
This was on of the toughest shoots we’ve ever taken on. Set against the
backdrop of Johannesburg and Cape Town our cameras followed the
Play Energy Heroes and their mentee’s as they took on various creative
tasks. We filmed for 9 weeks. The show was received very well by
audiences. Each episode trended on twitter with the #creativeunion.
Sales of Play Energy drink went up as a result of the show.

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