Jobie Bakama: Producer (Television)

I’m an energetic go-getter who lives, breathes and oozes ideas. I’ve worn many different hats in the media industry over the last 15 years and I bring to the table an incredible amount of work and life experience. My assignments have varied over the years but one noticeable assignment included assisting film director John Woo.

Hustle 086

Makere Thekiso: Producer (Commercials)

The most frequent question I get asked is what does Makere mean. Well no one knows even the uncle I was named after. I just needed an extra “re” then I would have shared a name with Makerere University in Uganda. I am a storyteller by profession but my medium of choice is visuals.


Kevin Edson: Producer/ Cinematographer

I am also a qualified Civil Engineer (Structural) and the one question everybody asks me is “What is an Engineer doing in production?” I never have an answer… I’m just extremely good at both professions. I have been in the Film industry for 10 years. From my experience I have learnt and mastered my craft.